About Us

Fiberweb, acquired by Polymer Group, Inc. in the fall of 2013, is one of the largest groups in the nonwoven industry and produces fabric materials in both rolled and converted forms for use in hygiene and industrial specialty products. In the industrial segment, nonwoven fabrics find their way into a variety of applications. Fiberweb manufactures filtration media, geotextiles, housewraps, roofing fabrics and specialty wipes for use in the aerospace and graphic arts industries.

Fiberweb Graphics, a division of Fiberweb, specializes in serving the needs of the graphic arts industry by providing a variety of products for every application including Web, Sheet-Fed, Press Room, Pre-Press, and Flexography. In addition, Fiberweb Graphics provides specialty cleaning wipe products to the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Fiberweb Graphics is in the business of making your shop more productive by providing top quality, high performance products you can trust. Take advantage of our nearly 50 years of experience and put our products to the test!



1. Jeff Andes

Eastern Regional Manager
(215) 796-0602

2. Kenneth Yang

Asian Sales Manager
+86 (213) 368-0115 ext 103

3. Jeff Smith

Western Regional Manager
(831) 760-6345

4. Jeff Andes

Eastern Regional Manager
(215) 796-0602