Snowtex Cloth Wipes

Multi-purpose Snowtex Cloth Wipes are outstanding for both pre-press and pressroom wiping needs. Snowtex Cloth Wipes offer unique, quick-to-dry characteristics which are extremely important with today’s low VOC solvents, eliminating lost production time waiting for blankets and rollers to dry. Made from 100% rayon and containing no chemical binders, Snowtex Cloth Wipes are extremely soft and absorbent. With Snowtex, you have the assurance of a clean, low lint cloth each time.

Why Snowtex Cloth Wipes are

good for your shop:

  • Cost-efficient—We offer three sizes, quarter folded, and the convenient-to-use roll size of 400 perforated towels per roll, allowing you to select the most economical format for your applications.
  • Compatible—Wipes are compatible to clean blankets, rollers and ink trays, as well as for all types of pre-press or any other industrial wiping applications.
  • Quick-to-dry—Unique, quick-to-dry characteristics are extremely important with today’s solvents, minimizing lost production time.
  • Convenient distribution—Readily available through the distributor of your choice.
Description Item Code Size Wipes / Package Packages / Case
QF 80 560080 13 x 13 25 15
QF 81 560081 13 x 17 25 15
QF 82 560082 16 x 17 25 15
PR 96 (Rolls) 561190 12.2 x 15.75 400 2
Snowtex Floor Rack 569941 N/A N/A 1
Snowtex Wall Rack 569934 N/A N/A 1