Photex Scanner Wipes

These convenient wipes are ideal for use wherever dust control and static neutralization is critical. Specifically designed to reduce or eliminate static build-up, each wipe is treated with a highly effective, dry antistatic agent that leaves no oily residue on surface or hands.

Why Photex Wipes are

good for your shop:

  • No Static, No Residue—Wipes are treated with a highly effective agent to minimize static and residue.
  • Multiple Uses—Clean scanner drums, computer screens, contact screens, photographic film, glass and  optics, even your light table.
  • Gentler on Equipment—The non-scratch material prevents damage to equipment, screens, film, and leaves no residue on surfaces or hands.
Description Item Code Size Wipes / Package Packages / Case
Photex VIP Wipes 560186 7 x 13 25 12
Photex Scanner Wipes 548026 9 x 13 100 4