Dampener Covers

These dampener covers are manufactured using specially processed continuous filament rayon yarn, ensuring low lint performance all the way through the job. The unique Hyton construction and water carrying characteristics deliver a consistently uniform thin film of moisture across the entire surface of the plate. This greatly simplifies the process of maintaining proper ink/water balance on any press.

Why Hyton Dampener Covers are

good for your shop:

  • One Pressure Setting—The resilient fibers won’t mat down, meaning roller pressure can normally be set once for the entire job, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Sure Fit—All Hyton products are elasticized to provide  a simple, quick and easy cover change that always fits properly. No tie strings or sewing of ends, saving  time and eliminating ink pick up at the outer edges of duplicator plates.
  • Cleaner Runs—Fibers are highly ink-resistant, so the covers will run cleaner, providing longer life. There’s a Hyton dampener cover for virtually every offset press, large or small.