FlexTex Plate Wipes

These time saving wipes are a welcome solution to the constant struggle to maintain a low lint environment. A heavy weight, extremely low lint wiping pad, encased in a nylon stocking, designed with our unique 100% felted Webril cotton fabric as the absorbent core. This non-scratch material will not damage photopolymer or rubber flexographic plates when used on the press for end of job cleanup or mid-run plate maintenance.

Why Flextex Plate Wipes are

good for your shop:

  • Highly Absorbent—Can absorb up to 10 times its weight in ink or cleaning fluids.
  • Time and Labor Saving—No more spending time  folding shop towels and cutting up stockings to stuff towels into them in hope of a more low lint environment.
  • Gentler on Equipment—The non-scratch material  prevents damage to plates.
Description Item Code Size Wipes / Package Packages / Case
Flextex Wipes 569940 4 x 5 144 1