Everspun Pre-moistened

Sealant and Solvent Wiping

These wipes are designed for final cleanup when low linting and clean surfaces are critical to the next step in your operation. Pre-measured solvent application on each wipe assures process control by minimizing operator variation. This high strength, polypropylene composite laminate is very strong and will not deteriorate under typical solvent exposure.

Why Everspun Premoistened Wipes are

good for your shop:

  • Cost-efficient—Assures process control by minimizing operator variations.
  • Low VOCs—Multi-layer bag with easy access opening minimizes VOC exposure.
  • Compatible—Pre-measured solvent application on each wipe.
  • Durability—High strength polypropylene composite laminate construction guarantees low lint.
  • Variety—Available in a variety of sizes, solvents and loading levels.