Out with the old, in with the Red Runner.

Rogers Corporation recently announced to the marketplace that they were exiting the sale and manufacture of their line of dampening sleeves. Fiberweb's Red Runner line of dampening sleeves, with their long well-proven performance is a ready replacement to meet the exacting standards of your printing customers.
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Fiberweb serves the flexography market well by providing a line of extremely reliable flexographic printing products to help you maintain top quality and high performance.

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Dampener covers, splicing tapes, wipes and more. For nearly every web press, and virtually all areas of your operation, our supplies address your top priorities: Cleaner runs, higher quality and keeping the jobs rolling through.

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Inks. Solvents. Deadlines. Not an ideal combination of factors when it comes to keeping countless surfaces clean. Fiberweb® Graphic Arts offers a full range of pressroom products. We’ll help soak up, wipe down and take care of cleanups in between jobs—quickly and completely.

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Whether we’re talking ink or water—doing the job fast or doing the job well—a perfect balance means everything. Fiberweb® Graphic Arts sheet-fed press products are engineered to do their job in superior fashion. Depend on us to keep you fast, sharp and in control.

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Fiberweb® Graphic Arts offers a variety of wipes in different sizes to keep all of your equipment and surfaces clean—and ultimately to help output cleaner plates. Say “hello” to a more productive shop.

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